Yves Saint Laurent A Collection Of Purses For This Summer

What really need women in wardrobes?Well,an elegant wardrobe should include at least two or three classic handbags in different colors.Are you a real woman who wants to have sophisticated accessories? Yves Saint Laurent handbag collection for this summer brings a range of retro-chic bags, but also very refined.Yves Saint Laurent collection for summer this year propose us form different pieces in a wide variety of colors and exceptional quality.The colors vary from nude at fuchsia, but there are also animal prints, very sexy.There are options for day, cocktails and important events of the evening.So, you can stay calm because there are quite a lot options.

Yves Saint Laurent A Collection Of Purses For This Summer (12)


This collection includes classic bag in leather but and leather clutches, in cobalt blue, with the monogram of the company, according to both at jeans, a shirt and classic heels and a sexy summer dress.For days they offer versatile day bag, leather, in shades of mustard, purple and burgundy, very elegant and appropriate for a nude or beige suit, of day.Classic handbag, leather, green, metallic gold monogram, cross-body, great for any day or cocktail outfit.



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