+Yves Behar by Aesir Copenhagen

In an era in which the industry seems to believe that phones aren’t designed to speak, here’s a phone focused on the idea of voice, clarity and simplicity.In collaboration with designer Yves Behar, Aesir Danish manufacturer has created a phone that relies on functionality and minimalist luxury.The basic principle behind the phone +Yves Behar is the perfect visual details, tactility functional and user interface.

+Yves Behar by Aesir Copenhagen (4)

This quality was achieved using a European approach to the design and manufacturing partnerships with the best manufactures in Switzerland, France and the Netherlands.Everyone is obsessed with quantity, volume and form , Aesir + Yves Behar Copenhagen is based on the vanished artisan craftsmanship, offering beautiful and durable products.Aesir + Yves Behar currently exist in two versions, both equipped with sapphire crystal screen and ceramic buttons: 18k gold (~ € 42,000) and 316L stainless steel (~ € 7250).

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