Yacht Island(E)Motion Concept

Although yachts generally are symbols of extravagance, most ships are white, simple, with many windows, but too little creativity when it comes to design.A Swiss company hopes, however, that will change the market completely with the new concept Island (E) Motion.The yacht is called Island (E) Motion and is, rather, a floating island than a super-yacht.The yacht is designed of glass and wood, as organic.Island (E) Motion is full of palm trees, lounge chairs and pool.Luxury Island has 500 square meters of photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and a miniature closed circuit water.Island (E) Motion also has green spaces and walls of the vessel offers natural insulation and external materials and recycled.The whole idea is that passengers feel like a vacation on an exotic island.We can say that this yacht is specially made for billionaires in Dubai,an island on a boat, with palm trees, lawns, pool, and golf .What can you ask for more?

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