Wryst Airborne Wristwatch Collection

‘Wryst Airborne’ is a unique line of wristwatches designed by Jacques Fournier. The collection includes sporty pieces with bright hues and daring designs. A material normally used for Formula 1 vehicles and aircrafts called Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) was introduced by the label. Another innovative material that the brand used is the ‘K1’ crystal, which is allegedly stronger than sapphire. These materials provide the watches with great durability.

Wryst Airborne Wristwatch Collection (3)

The time-tellers in the collection sport a Swiss quartz movement plated with gold; the movement includes 5 jewels. This line is ideal for the ones who love getting adrenaline rushes and practice sports such as rock climbing, skydiving and snowboarding. If you are into this kind of activities, you will surely notice that the timepiece is more than capable of keeping up, regardless of the environment in which you are wearing it. Only 75 pieces will be made of each of the three variations: FW3 green, FW4 yellow and FW5 orange. If you want something a little more toned down, you can opt for FW6. This model has a case made of stainless steel, a white dial and best of all – it is not a limited edition.


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