Wroxham Minature Worlds Model Train Railway By Sean Green

Even though many train lovers around the world can claim to have built remarkable model railways, few of them can now match with the fantastic Wroxham Miniature World model train railway by Sean Green, and the reason for that is very simple: this is the largest model train railway in Britain.

Minature Worlds Model Train 1

Flaunting over 3,000ft of railway track as well as 28 trains, the Wroxham Miniature Worlds exhibition was created by a train lover named Sean Green and his son Robert. Put together with extreme attention to detail in Hoveton, Norfolk, the exhibition features intricate and beautiful scenes from all over the world, including some streets in Japan as well as picturesque British countrysides.

The project required 3 years to be complete and is now open to visitors. A closer look at the exhibition reveals green pastures, domestic animals, pubs, campsites, campers as well as a small cricket club that was dubbed Skaledale. There are also various other European landscape examples that feature incredible castles, villages and snow-covered mountains. When asked about his and his son’s feelings regarding this incredible project, Mr. Green stated the following: “We are incredibly proud to have created the country’s largest model railway for the public to enjoy.”

Minature Worlds Model Train 2

Minature Worlds Model Train 3

Minature Worlds Model Train 5

Minature Worlds Model Train 6

Minature Worlds Model Train 9

Minature Worlds Model Train 10

Minature Worlds Model Train 11

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