World’s most expensive Sport Bra is up for $20,000

Ladies here are one sports bra which will make to look hottest when you workout.This if you want to workout in,because this sport bra  it’s more likely to stay in a safety deposit box at your nearest bank.This lovely gem,is called The Eternal Love Bra and it is brought to you by BodyRock Sport, and is accompanied by a 36” black enameled steel chain from Knight & Hammer.

World's most expensive Sport Bra is up for $20,000 (1)

Which is amazing is that the bra rocks has a gold zipper with 18K gold removable tassel. And this is not all because is finished with diamond-eyed skulls and hand-cut Swarovski crystal hearts. The racer back neckline is bejeweled with silver diamond Swarovski crystals and gold pyramid studs.This bra is made from black and silver threaded French silk and Gunmetal nylon lining.Well ladies if you want this jewel you must to know that it will be available in limited pieces on their website and will retail for $20,011.Take a look at this stunning bra!

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