World’s Most Expensive Jar

This is the most expensive jar in the world: was sold for 16.33 million euros. A Chinese imperial jar set a world record price for a porcelain belonging to the Ming Dynasty, was sold for 16.33 million euros at an auction organized by Sotheby’s in Hong Kong, announced on Wednesday the auction house.Ship in white and blue, the 15th century, was sold during an auction where they were given 32 pieces of porcelain, which generated total revenues of 54.2 million euros.

World's Most Expensive Jar (1)

China (Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai) was first on the art market in 2010, surpassing U.S. and UK, announced this spring, the company specializes Artprice.Another study, conducted for the largest antiques fair in the world, The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF), held annually in Maastricht (Netherlands), estimates that although China has climbed significantly in the ranking, the U.S. will overtake .

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