Worlds Most Expensive Gold Coin

Worlds most expensive gold coin sells for a stunning $7.39 million.A dublon Brasher from gold ,dating from 1787 was sold for $7.39 million. one of the highest amounts ever paid for a gold coin.Blachard &Co,a company specializing in coins and precious metals in New Orleans,who brokered the deal,said that the dublon was bought last weekend by an investment firm on Wall Street. Other information on the identity of the buyer and the seller were not disclosed.

Worlds Most Expensive Gold Coin (1)

The coin was made by Ephraim Brasher ,an American goldsmith from the time of George Washington,and contains only 26,66 grams of gold. When it was beaten worth about $ 15, and, today, the gold of which is made ​​does not exceed $ 1,500.The fame and value of Brasher dublon derive from the fact that is considered the first U.S. currency made of gold and denominated  in dollars. U.S. Mint in Philadelphia began to beat coins after 1790.



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