World’s Most Expensive Cognac is Worth $157,000

The Cuvee Leonie by Cognac Croizet was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive cognac sold at auction. If you want to try it out for yourself, you can order a bottle by logging on to the FinancialDistrict Wine&Liquor website. The cognac comes in a 750ml bottle, along with a staggering price tag of $157,000.

World’s Most Expensive Cognac is Worth $157,000 (2)

What makes it so expensive and special is that it originates from a single harvest batch that dates back to 1858. A bottle containing this outstanding beverage was sold two years ago for $156,760 in Shanghai, China.

Furthermore, the brand’s exclusivity and fame is enhanced by the writings of author Joseph Scott: “Winston Churchill and General Eisenhower plotted the allies’ victory in World War 2 over an 1858 Croizet that had been secreted out of France by the French Underground.”

Apparently, the Cuvee Leonie by Cognac Croizet is one of the few remaining bottles preserved by the Croizet family in a special room dating back to 1858 called “Paradis”.

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