World’s Largest Telescope Might Soon Become A Reality

Even though it’s been about 5 years since we’ve first caught wind of the massive “Thirty Meter Telescope”, the project eventually ran into some difficulties and failed to materialize just yet. However, this might change sooner than we’d expect, since Hawaii seems to have agreed to lease out a parcel of land that would house this massive telescope on top of the dormant Mauna Kea volcano.

World's Largest Telescope 2

If everything goes according to plan, the telescope might be under construction in April. The concept for this huge telescope has been around ever since the 90s, but the actual blueprint required about 10 years of hard work in order to be complete. When it will be built, the telescope will feature a mirror that is composed of approximately 500 segments that add up to a width of 100 feet.

The designing process of the telescope required $120 million in funds, but the final form of the project is estimated to cost as much as $970 million. During its planning stages, the project ran into a series of legal problems with environmentalists that claimed that the telescope would degrade the habitat of the wekiu bug. Fortunately, it seems that all of these issues have been resolved, which means that the Thirty Meter Telescope will soon be ready to scan the heavens for stars, dark matter, life and whatever else you can think of.

World's Largest Telescope 1

World's Largest Telescope 3

World's Largest Telescope 5

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