World’s Largest Indoor Farm in Japan

We bet you never expected this, but the world’s largest indoor farm is pink! Japanese plant physiologist Shigeharu Shimamura has designed a huge food factory in what used to be a Sony Corporation semiconductor factory. His bold project is an admirable solution to the uncontrollable weather changes that sometimes affect agriculture, and it could very well also represent an excellent way of eradicating world hunger.

World’s Largest Indoor Farm

The factory is roughly the size of a football field and it features 18 cultivation racks, each one approximately 15 levels high. The temperature and humidity levels are easily kept at optimal levels all year round, which can never happen in nature. Specially designed LEDs emit the right wavelengths to stimulate plant growth, and the irrigation system is flawless.

By flawless, we don’t only mean really good plumbing. The best part about this factory is that is only needs 1% of the water that would normally be used in an outdoor farm of a similar size. The amount of discarded produce is also considerably smaller, down to 10% from the regular 50% of traditional farms. As Shimamura himself puts it, we are finally “about to start the real agricultural revolution”, where only a few of these farms will be able to feed a whole city.

World’s Largest Indoor Farm in Japan

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