World’s Most Expensive Nail Polish Costs $264,165

Just in case you weren’t aware, the world’s most expensive nail polish is made by Azature and costs no less than $264,165. Initially released as part of a limited edition of just 1 piece, the Black Diamond nail polish is now available for purchase at Selfridges for the aforementioned sum.

World's Most Expensive Nail Polish 1

Boasting black diamonds that are worth 267 carats, this exquisite nail polish is contained within an equally impressive bottle that features a platinum sterling cap decorated with 60 black diamonds. However, if you can’t afford to spend such an exorbitant sum for this lavish product, you’ll be glad to know that you can now purchase a more affordable version of it that includes just 1 black diamond in its composition.

World's Most Expensive Nail Polish 2

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