World’s Most Expensive Donut By Krispy Kreme Costs $1,682

The deliciously lavish treat that you see before you was created by Krispy Kreme and was unveiled in UK at Selfridges in order to commemorate the National Donut Week – a fundraising endeavor that is meant to help a charity called UK Children’s Trust.

World's Most Expensive Donut 4

Created using high-end ingredients such as edible diamonds and Belgian chocolate flower covered in gold dust, the most expensive donut in the world looks and tastes exquisite, as it should for its overwhelming price tag of $1,682. Other mouth-watering ingredients include Chateau d’Yquem crème, Dom Pérignon vintage 2002 champagne jelly and an edible 24ct gold leaf, all of which come together in this masterpiece of culinary expertise. Furthermore, the donut was placed on top of a remarkable Krispy Kreme Cocktail, which contains  Courvoisier de L’Esprit Cognac (5 centuries old) as well as delicious Dom Pérignon champagne from 2002 complemented by a syrup made out of passion fruit and raspberry.

The Children’s Trust ended up cashing a check of about $16,800 at the end of the event, which also included giving away the donut to the Krispy Kreme’s Golden Ticket Competition winner,  Claudine Taylor.

World's Most Expensive Donut 1

World's Most Expensive Donut 2

World's Most Expensive Donut 3

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