World’s Most Expensive Boots Cost $3.1 Million

Even though the world’s most expensive boots were unveiled in Hong Kong, they actually came from Belgium. Two renowned companies from Antwerp called A.F. Vandevorst and Diarough/UNI-Design joined hands in order to create this lavish pair of boots that flaunt no less than 1,550 carats of exquisite diamonds.

World's Most Expensive Boots 2

The boots were unveiled during the Business of Design Week event that took place in Hong Kong between December 2 and 7, and they are actually up for sale for the staggering price of $3.1 million. These US size 8 boots were made out of black leather and feature an intricate paisley pattern that was created with 168 ounces of gold and 39,083 gray, pink and champagne-colored diamonds. The decoration process required more than 30,000 hours of hard work to complete, and the result is absolutely spectacular to say the least.

World's Most Expensive Boots 4

World’s Most Expensive Boots Cost $3.1 Million

As many as 400 very important personalities were present at the unveiling of these luxe boots, including Kris Peeters and Queen Mathilde of Belgium. The lucky girl who got the chance to walk in these boots during the presentation was none other than Yi Zhou – a famed Chinese artist. She wore them on a catwalk assembled on the balcony of the renowned Sevva restaurant against a breathtaking backdrop of the Hong Kong skyline.

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