The World’s Most Breathtaking Scenic Drives

What do the world’s most scenic roadways have in common? Hairpin turns, dramatic views, and freedom from congestion are just a few of the qualities they share. If you want to take your luxury car out on a spin to really see what it can do, the following drives will give you the perfect mix between a challenging and leisurely drive. They all offer breathtaking views, spanning coast to mountain around the world.

Great Ocean Road

Hana Highway

Hana Highway

Hawaii’s Road to Hana is a must-do attraction for anyone visiting the island of Maui. It connects Kahului with the small town of Hana on the eastern part of the island, covering a distance of 68 miles. The road passes through lush rainforests, crystalline waterfalls, colourful botanical gardens, and dramatic seaside scenery to provide a glimpse of beauty around every bend. It also boasts a number of twists and turns to keep things interesting on the way.

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

Located in Victoria, Australia, the Great Ocean Road is one of the world’s best-known seaside routes, as its name suggests. The balmy weather makes it perfect for cruising in a Jaguar convertible with the top down, as you pass by famous natural attractions including the stately limestone formations of the Twelve Apostles. Stop in a quaint surf town for lunch or venture into the eucalyptus forests that skirt along this stretch of road.

Los Caracoles, or “Snails Pass”

Los Caracoles or Snails Pass

You’ll need a more rugged vehicle to tackle Los Caracoles, which serves as the main route of transport between Chile and Argentina. This high-elevation motorway passes through the unforgiving Andes Mountains, with a steep incline and numerous tight curves. Yet you’ll be rewarded with spectacular mountain views, passing by frozen lakes and massive peaks on the way to Argentina’s Mendoza wine country.

The Overseas Highway

The Overseas Highway

The Florida Keys is a series of islands connected by 42 bridges, making up the unique Overseas Highway. It was originally built along an old railroad track that had been destroyed by a hurricane. This drive will take you over turquoise water for the most part, allowing you to feel like you’re drifting serenely in a boat through this beautiful scenery. Time your journey right and you’ll be rewarded by truly being able to drive away into the sunset.

Trollstigen Road or “Troll Ladder”

Trollstigen Road or Troll Ladder

Explore Norway’s legendary Fjords by taking the Trollstigen Road, which passes by numerous waterfalls and verdant rocky cliffs. Although the scenery is beautiful, Trollstigen is one of the most challenging roads in the world with its hairpin turns and narrow passageways. The road is quite remote, but should you come across other vehicles it can be difficult to pass. Once at the top, however, adventurers are rewarded with majestic views of the winding road below and the sight of the impressive Stigfossen waterfall.

These journeys all provide blissful scenery, from mountains to ocean. Some should be avoided during certain times of year, so be sure to plan your trip and choose a vehicle that can transport you in style and comfort.

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