World’s Best Coffee Regions

Ahh, coffee – if there is one beverage in the world that we covet, it’s the delightful and tantalizing cup of goodness which gets us going in the morning, refreshes us in the afternoon, and relaxes us in the evening. The coffee trade is a booming industry spanning across all regions of the globe, its myriad flavors appealing to a range of palates craving everything from a quick pick-me-up to a connoisseur’s cup brewed from some of the finest coffee beans. Coffee shops abound in virtually every village, town, and city, and several cosmopolitan hubs in various regions of the world try and stake their claim to creating the best cup of Joe. So the question is, where can you find the world’s best coffee, be it the divine and beloved latte, espresso, or Americano?

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Welcome to the Caribbean!

As it turns out, Latin America is home to the best coffee in the world. Beautiful tropical climates and lush soils make Columbia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and Cuba ideal locations for production, whose exports are among the top in the world. Columbia’s long legacy of excellent coffee quality has made it a regular staple in coffee shops and supermarkets alike, but the country’s diverse and fascinating natural and cultural landscape make it worth a visit in person to try an authentic brew. The same can be said for Guatemala, steeped not only in Arabica coffee trees but lush mountains, forests, and ancient Mayan ruins.

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The sweet flavors of Costa Rican coffee herald from the hard work of 70,000 farmers in the land. Costa Rica is a true example when it comes to preserving the environment while helping a popular industry to flourish and support local economies. Honduras is lively with markets and several distinct flavors of coffee from Copan, Slides, and Agalta, to Opalaca, while Guatemala’s delectable brews carry a distinctly spicy edge and even cocoa. Cubans prefer to add a little sugar to their espressos for their coffee ritual, and like the rest of the Caribbean, their coffee shops are animated and welcoming, the perfect setting for the coffee enthusiast who loves to watch the world go by as they enjoy their favorite drink.

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While their exports are beyond a doubt some of the finest in the world, it’s the coffee heritage and culture surrounding it which makes these regions the perfect destination for the coffee lover. Why not head over there in person, find a festival, hit a gorgeous beach, and unwind at a café overlooking the horizon? It doesn’t get any better than this.

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Written by Gemma Hunt, a freelance writer that worked with RareDelights on this post.

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