World’s 10 Largest Hotels

World's 10 Largest Hotels (11)The world is full of hotels of all shapes and sizes, some cheap, some expensive, but all representing the same thing: a home away from home. Nowadays most hotels, especially 4 and 5-star ones, are equipped with everything one could possibly need during one’s stay, boasting luxurious accommodation options and high-end amenities throughout. We’re here to provide you with a top 10 of the world’s largest hotels, so get ready to be amazed!

World's 10 Largest Hotels (11)

10. The Excalibur Hotel and Casino

The Excalibur Hotel and Casino

The amazing Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas hotel ranked 10th on our list, and it is truly a sight to behold. The building comprises 2 towers, each flaunting 28 floors. Furthermore, this hotel includes 4,008 suites and rooms and a 100,000-square-foot gaming area that boasts 1,700 slot machines.

9. Ambassador City Jomtien

Ambassador City Jomtien

The magnificent Ambassador City Jomtien is located in Pattaya, Thailand. Flaunting 4,219 suites and rooms, this hotel covers a total area of 40-acres, encompassing 5 buildings that include eight restaurants, a convention center, bars, nightclubs and a state-of-the-art fitness center. During their stay, visitors are also able to enjoy themselves at one of the largest swimming pools in Asia.

8. The hotel in Mandalay Bay

The hotel in Mandalay Bay

THEhotel be found in Las Vegas, and it was inaugurated in 2003. With 4,332 rooms and suites spread across 43 floors, this is definitely one of the most imposing hotel buildings in the world. Apart from its conventional accommodation options, THEhotel also boasts a lavish Presidential Suite, as well as various Penthouses. Guests are also able to savor exquisite culinary delights at the Michelin-starred restaurant called MiX.

7. The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

Las Vegas sure seems to be the place to go if you want to admire huge hotels. The Luxor includes 3 buildings, as well as a 20,000 sq f convention space, a wedding chapel, 29 stores, four swimming pools and the Nurture Spa. Accommodations include 4,408 suites and rooms, but what makes this hotel truly special is its Luxor Sky Beam, which is the most powerful beam of light in the world.

6. Wynn Las Vegas & Encore Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas & Encore Las Vegas

We’ll linger in Las Vegas for a while so we can also show you the Wynn Las Vegas and the Encore Las Vegas hotels, both holding the largest number of Forbes five-star awards in the world. These buildings include 4,734 rooms, as well as several bars, restaurants and spas.

5. The All-Star Resort by Disney

The All-Star Resort by Disney

Starting off our top 5 of the largest hotels in the world is Disney’s All-Star resort in Orlando. This property includes 30 buildings, all boasting 3 floors. A perfect destination for children and adults alike, this resort offers a grand total of 5,524 suites and rooms.

4. Genting’s First World Hotel in Malaysia

Genting's First World Hotel in Malaysia

The First World Hotel represents an amazing complex of two large towers, one featuring 28 floors, while the other sports 24. As the fourth largest hotel in the world, the First World comprises 6,118 suites and rooms, a wide variety of bars and restaurants as well as a spectacular theme park.

3. The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas

The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas

With its 6,852 suites and rooms, the MGM Grand Hotel was the largest hotel in the world when it opened for business in 1993. Apart from its mind-boggling number of accommodation facilities, this huge hotel also includes 19 restaurants, five outdoor pools and Clark County’s biggest casino.

2. Outstanding Izmailovo Hotel

Outstanding Izmailovo Hotel

Cutting it really close to becoming the largest hotel on the planet, the Izmailovo Hotel in Russia sports 4 towers, each soaring up 30 stories. This hotel is able to provide its guests with everything they could possibly need during their stay, thanks to its splendid restaurants, cafes and conference halls. The Izmailovo boasts a total 7,500 suites and rooms, as well as a huge park.

1. The Mecca Clock Tower in Saudi Arabia

The Mecca Clock Tower in Saudi Arabia

Since Saudi Arabia already holds many records regarding the tallest or the most luxurious buildings in the world, it comes as no surprise that the world’s largest hotel is situated in Mecca. The Mecca Clock Tower, also known as the Abraj Al-Bait Towers, flaunts a staggering number of 8,000 suites and rooms. Another impressive feat comes in the form of its massive clock tower, which is also the largest in the world. The complex includes three towers that are very popular with pilgrims visiting the holy city. Other details include a plethora of sublime dining opportunities, spas, bars, and probably the most luxurious accommodation options in the world.


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