World Record: A Surfer Wins a Wave of 27 Meters High

American surfer Garrett McNamara this week set a new world record, managing to resist a wave of 27 meters at a surfing competition takes place at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal.”I wasn’t thinking how big the wave, I just wanted to find a better place for surfing. Now there was a ton of bricks on my shoulders and then I realized that if I had fallen in that time, would be everything was bad, “said McNamara.

World Record: A Surfer Wins a Wave of 27 Meters High (1)

Garrett McNamara is 44 years, is originally from Hawaii and made a movie about Coast Nazaré, where special conformation of the ocean floor (the so-called “Nazaré Canyon”) stimulates the production of extremely high waves, great for surfing, but not once have come to flood the fishing town of the same name located on the shore.

Previous records have belonged to American Ken Bradshaw, who managed to withstand a wave of almost 26 meters. Another surfer, Mike Parsons, approached the world record in 2008, defeating a wave of over 23 meters.

At Praia do Norte competition began on 2 November and will last until November 28. Participate in six teams of two surfers, originally from Portugal, Ireland, Great Britain, Basque Country, Morocco, Brazil, Germany, France and the USA. The winning team will qualify for international competition surfing in 2012 which will take place all at Praia do Norte.


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