Wonderful Ouzoud Falls in Morocco

Next time you visit Marrakech, the beautiful imperial city of Morocco, we suggest you plan a day trip to a truly amazing place, some 93 miles from the city. You need to reach a small Berber village in the Grand Atlas, where you will find the wonderful Ouzoud Falls, dropping 360 feet in a series of wide-to-narrow plunges.

Ouzoud Falls (7)

No, it’s not a typo; the falls actually do become narrower as they approach the bottom, unlike most other waterfalls. At the bottom they form a lovely natural pool where people love to swim and enjoy the refreshing spray of the falling water. If the sight mesmerizes you, you can decide to spend the night here in a special camping area, so make sure you also bring a tent with. Hotel accommodations are also available nearby.

If you are on a schedule, you can just enjoy a delicious barbeque or picnic in this natural haven of beauty. Rainbow often appear in the waterfall, so you should keep a camera at hand. They say that the Ouzoud Falls always photograph beautifully, and that even a novice is bound to take some really amazing shots here.

Other excellent subjects for photography are the dozen small mills at the top of the falls. These actually explain the name of the site, because “ouzoud” means “the act of grinding grain” in the local Berber language.

One of the best things about the waterfall and its surrounding area is that it is not yet affected by intense commercialization. You’ll only find a few small stalls with freshly squeezed juice and some Berber tents selling local fare. Actually, a significant number of national and local associations are working ceaselessly to keep the site preserved and protected. A single visit here will definitely make you see why.

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