Will Smith and His Wife Deny Selling Their Family Property

Recent rumors stated that Will Smith and his wife Jaden have put their enormous family estate up for sale for $42 million, but the couple recently denied the news, describing them as “completely false”.  The house in question reportedly required 7 years of hard work and planning to complete, which is why many are inclined to think that there is no reason to put it up for sale just 2 years after its finalization.

Will Smith and His Wife 1

The lavish abode boasts exquisite architectural elements and intricate interior arrangements inspired by African and Moroccan influences. Conveniences include a recording studio, a meditation house, a basketball pad, a tennis course and an artificial lake.

This is not the first time that the famed couple had to defend themselves against malicious rumors. In the past, Will had to dismiss comments regarding the fact that his wife had an affair with Marc Anthony. This happened in consequence to Jaden’s unclear statement that led people to believe she and her husband were in an open relationship.

As you can see, being a celebrity means having to worry a great deal about what you say and what people might interpret, but we’re quite confident that all the recent gossip about the couple will disperse soon enough.

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