Why Cameron Diaz Hid Her Face From Paparazzi

She has a beautiful toned body but why she hid her face?Paparazzi have surprised her when it is least expected and Cameron tried desperately to hide her face from cameras.Paparazzi have just recognized her as an actress has always kept her face covered.

Why Cameron Diaz Hid Her Face From Paparazzi (1)

But on another hand,wearing a very short pink pants, Cameron Diaz impressed with her perfect feet.It is known that Cameron suffers of acne and now may have a rash.But this can happen at everyone and despite her problem actress looks gorgeous at 40 years and she said that “Until now I was not careful about what I eat, but now attaches great importance to this. I do not touch at all fried foods,” said Cameron Diaz one of the reasons that look so good.

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