When Art Becomes Business Brand

When art becomes business brand.How have the great fashion designers made ​​their mark on the hotel industry.The newest trend for developers who want to conquer not only the retail market, but also other segments, is to purchase and decoration of hotels after their tendencies. A very profitable business, if we look for real estate which boasts successes known designers.Internationally renowned designers such as Rosita Missoni, Georgio Armani and Gianni Versace have put their personal stamp on the style of hotel chains worldwide, notes Business Insider.Armani was on the first creator who has promoted the unity of style fashion designer hotel which bought it in Dubai.The hotel is named after its creator and is located near the famous Burj Khalifa, considered (again) the tallest building in the world.

When Art Becomes Business Brand (28)

To spend a night in the stylish hotel’s Italian creator, customers pay about $ 600. Some bedrooms but end up costing two, even three times more, depending on the facilities and are decorated with style.Rosita Missoni and to acquire shares at a 18-storey hotel in central Symphony of Kuwait, in May this year.Designer and branded the unit with bold colors such as blue, orange and pink, using mainly different striped patterns, and other elements of Italian creation.All 232 rooms (of which 63 represent luxury apartments) are based on the amount of $ 360 per night.

Missoni also owns a hotel in Edinburgh and intend to buy three units, according to Business Insider. Also, the designer has made ​​public its intention to inaugurate a residential building in the Philippines in the near future.As it concerns the famous Gianni Versace, he said the “palace” in Australia, it is the first hotel brand dedicated to fashion.The 200 rooms of the unit owned by Versace overlook the ocean and are decorated with custom furniture, luxurious fabrics, flooring extremely expensive and brightly-colored silk sheets.

American designer Tommy Hilfiger and about its rumored that they have entered the hospitality industry this spring.Various sources say that Hilfiger would buy the clock tower of Madison Square Park for 170 million dollars, with the intention of turning into a hotel. Laterwas floated the name of Chelsea Hotel. Until now, the rumors were not true.Below is a photo gallery with Rosita Missoni hotels in Kuwait and that of Georgio Armani in Dubai.



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