Wheelsandmore Revitalise a Hypercar God – The McLaren SLR 707

German tuning company changed exclusively Mercedes McLaren SLR Wheelsandmore and his creation called 7o7 edition.The number in the title is obviously a reason.McLaren engine was a large increase in performance of original version of 626hp to 707 stallions hence the name Twist Edition 707 Nm increased to 915 Nm. With this huge V8 engine capable of a volume of 5.4 liters of this sports car moving from 0-100 in 3.5 seconds.

Wheelsandmore Revitalise a Hypercar God – The McLaren SLR 707 (5)

To improve handling car received a new chassis from KW Automotive. Wheelsandmore look new 20-inch wheels fitted, the wheels are attractive red stripe and are equipped with Dunlop Sportmaxx. Wheelsandmore, have introduced lightweight, handcrafted, multi-piece forged wheels – 9,5×20″ for the front axle with 255/30/20 Dunlop Sport Maxx tires on them and 11,5×20″ ones at the back again fitted with 305/25/20 Dunlops.The general appearance visible in the form of giant spoilers did not pass, had a decent exterior modifications and the major changes in this jewel felt, mainly under the hood.



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