Welcoming And Comfortable Tree House In Austin, Texas

Skillfully designed by Miró Rivera Architects, the Tree House can be found in Austin, Texas, USA. Even though its name suggests otherwise, this lovely home does not sit proudly between the branches of a tall tree, but it does feature a tall and beautiful plant in its immediate vicinity.

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Thanks to its 2 distinct roof of concave and convex shapes, this home impresses with a contemporary and unique design that also boasts a high degree of practicality. To clarify, the concave roof faces the street front and ensures adequate privacy for the bedrooms and studies by forming a low façade that is in concordance with the neighborhood’s height restrictions.

The convex roof shelters the kitchen as well as the dining and main living areas, and it opens up towards a majestic swimming pool placed in close proximity to a tree canopy. The natural materials that were used in the construction process involve stone for the walls and dark wood for the floors. Moreover, a plethora of glass elements ensure utmost transparency and an unhindered flow of natural light that helps create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness within this superb home.

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