Wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco

After the wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton, watched by millions around the world, there is still a Saturday royal wedding, fluffy, the Prince Albert of Monaco and his girlfriend, Charlene Wittstock.

Wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco (6)

The bride arrived, Charlene Wittstock, in an elegant white dress with a very long train. Shoulder dress has found a simple cut, who emphasize the body. He gathered hair in a bun with a strap caught with diamonds and a long veil is covered from head to toe. It is led by his father and seven girls carry baskets of flower petals behind.

Charlene Prince Albert and Princess of Monaco presents for the first time as husband and wife, monegasc people. The 3,500 guests applaud them for long.Two out of the makeshift church in the palace courtyard. The entire congregation is standing.The two princes are withdrawn inside the Palace, which signed the marriage register.Religious ceremony ends with a prayer for those two.A moment of intimacy between the two grooms: Albert turned to his bride and he winked. Charlene and has returned a shy smile. Observers noted the sad eyes Princess.The two said yes. They exchanged rings and have vowed love.Newlyweds have changed a little kiss to end the ceremony.Charlene princess dress is really created by Giorgio Armani. Wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco (6)

It took 2,500 hours to complete embroidery and decorate it with crystals and pearls. It took 130 yards of silk, 40,000 Swarovski crystals, pearls oval 20,000 and 30,000 “golden colored stones,” said Palace, according to AFP. Veil and it required 100 hours of work and 20 meters of silk tulle.Albert gate guards uniform summer palace of Monaco, with sleeves embroidered with oak and olive fruze and monogrammed gold buttons.


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