WATCHe’s Luxury Mechanical Watch for the iPhone 5

When it comes to watches, most of us prefer to wear it on our wrists in the traditional way, but a Swiss company called WATCHe decided to create a mechanical timepiece specifically for iPhone 5 fans that comes attached directly on the high-end gadget.

WATCHe's Luxury Mechanical Watch for the iPhone 5 (4)

It is called the We5S, and it can be fixed firmly on any iPhone 5 case using a re-positionable frame. The accessory is mainly used for decorative purposes, featuring bold black and red shades, but it can also tell the time with great accuracy.

The watch requires manual winding, featuring a power reserve of 46 hours, and its intricate movement comprises 17 jewels. Furthermore, the hands boast super-luminescent coatings. The price, however, is approximately $5,980, which some might consider quite steep.

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