Watch Manufacturer Christophe Claret Honors the Casino de Monte-Carlo

The 21 Blackjack “Casino de Monte-Carlo” is a watch created by the high-end manufacturer Christophe Claret. This luxury accessory resulted from the partnership between the manufacturer and the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo.


This exquisite alliance will be celebrated by a special roulette tournament on December 9-10. The winner of this high-stake tournament will receive the timepiece created by Christophe Claret, the 21 Blackjack “Casino de Monte-Carlo”.

Since it is the first time the casino offers this type of prize, Christophe Claret created a spectacular watch that bears the casino logo and baguette diamonds and rubies. For the unlucky participants to the tournament or fans of this masterpiece, the model was also re-created by Christophe Claret in 21 similar watches without the precious gems. The only difference is the lack of gems, since the other watches also have the logo of the Casino de Monte-Carlo stamped and the same technical features. The pieces consist of 501 assembled components that match perfectly in the assembly.

The production of these top-of-the-line self-winding movement watches was limited to 21 pieces and they will be available starting this month.

Christophe Claret will display the 21 Blackjack “Casino de Monte-Carlo” models on the 10th of December between 5:30 and 6.15 pm at the Hotel de Paris.


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