Was Gaddafi The Richest Man in the World?

He was killed because he was, unofficially, richer than Buffett, Bill Gates or any other American business man or investor? Muammar Gaddafi had a fortune of 200 billion dollars, three times more than the richest man in the world rankings designated unknown.

Was Gaddafi The Richest Man in the World? (1)

Gaddafi holds stakes in banks, investment companies and investment in real estate, says a Libyan official quoted by the foreign press. So there was nothing called “King of kings”. Moreover, in the 42 years that stood at the head of Libya, has controlled the largest oil reserves in Africa.

Gaddafi may be named the richest man in the world if we consider that bank accounts have been blocked by the Libyan revolution began: 37 billion dollars were found by American and U.S. investment accounts, which were frozen. Then, the governments of France, Italy, England and Germany have identified another 30 billion dollars, and investment accounts in Europe.Already exceed the 67 billion Carlos Slim’s fortune, believed to be the richest man in the world.To these are added other accounts of $ 30 billion held in other parts of the world.

One comment on “Was Gaddafi The Richest Man in the World?

  1. RJ

    As someone correctly said, “he was thrown in the trash can of history” MAy he and his family burn forever in hell”. The trash can is waiting for a few more candidates. There is plenty of room!


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