War of billionaires Berezovsky vs. Abramovich

A three billion battle where lawyers costs a million pounds per day.Surrounded by lawyers, translators, bodyguards and all kinds of lackeys, the arrival of the two billionaire, Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich at London’s High Court was like a scene from a Tarantino film.There were so many lawyers, that they have to sit and public places.

War of billionaires Berezovsky vs. Abramovich (2)

The case itself should reveal some of the secrets about the “division” and the assets of the former Soviet Union, I think British journalists could show who is the puppet whose strings are pulled by the Kremlin.In short, Boris Berezovsky, perhaps the richest in the UK asylum seeker, accuses Roman Abramovich in 2000 that he would be blackmailed to give up the oil company Sibneft to its extremely low price, that after Berezovsky had entered the Kremlin’s disgraceful.Abramovich would be threatened on Berezovsky that if they do not sell part, this shall be taken in vain, for by then President Vladimir Putin.Berezovsky says he received for his actions 800 million pounds, and their real value between 1.9 and it was £ 4.24 billion strline.

Abramovich denies values ​​and tried to move the case in Russia.Berezovsky, who wants from Abramovich 3.2 billion pounds, insisted that hearings be held in London. The process could take around three months, only the first day of trial costs were about one million pounds.Abramovich argued that there was never a friend of Berezovsky, but used it as a kind of “political godfather” to help him in the business world.Abramovich is not a politician, but rather an individual who prefers money, yachts and art, and its relations with Putin was never quite clear.



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