Vorsteiner Porsche V-PT Panamera

Vorsteiner introduced new kit for the Porsche Panamera V-PT, which includes several elements that launch aerodynamic performance and engine untouched. List of elements Vorsteiner Porsche Panamera includes a new front bumper and a new splitter with removable carbon fiber inserts that can be replaced if their degradation, new sorts side made of carbon fiber allows several new future changes, a rear spoiler and a restyled rear bumper. Rear spoiler was specifically designed to increase downforce and no standard electronic affects the aileron function. Also, the rear bumper is composed of several elements such as vertical louvre help cool the exhaust system, a carbon fiber diffuser and a shield that it replaces the standard that allows air to flow undisturbed by speaker.

Vorsteiner Porsche V-PT Panamera (7)

Last component of the kit Vorsteiner V-PT is represented by the new Porsche Panamera sports exhaust system is manufactured from stainless steel or titanium.Vorsteiner V-PT kit Porsche Panamera is already available at authorized dealers worldwide, but its price is only available on request.


  • V-PT Front Bumper Package
  • V-PT Side Skirts
  • V-PT Rear Bumper Package
  • V-PT Ducktail Spoiler
  • V-PT Titanium sport Exhaust
  • V-309 3-Piece Concave Forged Wheels
  • Michelin PS2 Performance Tires

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