Vila Castela Residence by Anastasia Architects

Situated in Nova Lima, a city in the Minas Gerais state of Brazil,the lovely villa,called Vila Castela Residence project has designed  by Brazilian studio Anastasia Architects.It is a contemporary single-family home.The house is built in a sloped site ,30 degrees and it uses dramatic cantilevers to emphasize the extremity of its position. The urban impact of the residence is minimized, in benefit of the beautiful view of the woods.

Vila Castela Residence by Anastasia Architects (10)

The architects said that “We have chosen this concept not only for aesthetic reasons, but above all to reduce the interference of the building mass in the topography, keeping the site as natural as possible.”

The climate of region is good with average temperatures of 28°Celsius in the summer, and 16° Celsius in the winter. Solar voltaic cells are placed on the roof.The constructed area is of 650 sq meters ,and the house enjoys of as sauna, Jacuzzi, and an wine cellar, the ground floor, where the living area and the kitchen, integrated to the outdoor swimming pool and external terrace.



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