Victoria Beckham Has Won £ 15 Million in 3 Months

That means to be a woman .Victoria Beckham has won £ 15 million in 3 months.Victoria Beckham is about to eclipse her husband in terms of profits. David Beckham is the leader among the highest paid footballers of all time,but his wife is good also at business.In the first 3 months of the year she won 15 million pounds.

Victoria Beckham Has Won £ 15 Million in 3 Months (1)

The former Spice Girls band component exceeded her husband’s earnings from football. Receipts from sales of her collection of clothes brought of Victoria no more, no less than  £ 15 Million in the last three months.And no wonder, considering that the stars are crazy to wear her creations.Kate Winslet and Cheryl Cole love dresses of Victoria, which can reach up to 5000 pounds.

Victoria never dreamed that her dresses will be so successful. She has a little bit and it overshadows David, “said a source close to the couple.

Together, Beckham husbands have a fortune estimated at £165 million.

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