Victoria Beckham has posted the first photo of little Harper Seven! Look how sweet is!

David and Victoria Beckham are among the happiest parents after the birth of their daughter, Harper Seven.Last week Victoria Beckham gave birth by caesarean section, the fourth child of his, a little girl. Today, the former Posh Spice has posted the first photo of the little girl.

Victoria Beckham (1)

Victoria has posted on his Twitter account a black and white photo that is her husband, David Beckham, who keeps in Harper Seven little arms.

She wrote under the picture “Daddy’s girl. David seems completely melted after his daughter, especially since the birth footballer said he was very excited about the birth of the child.Earlier this week, David said he strives to become more “gentle” with the couple’s daughter after three sons that he has with his wife, Victoria Beckham.

In the first photo of Seven Harper, posted by Victoria on Twitter, David is very affectionate with their daughter, while a swing. Picture it captures David while a little girl touch the nose, which is wrapped in a blanket and wearing a hat on his head.

A second picture with the girl, this time held in the arms of Victoria, was posted on the Facebook account of the footballer. Saturday, the footballer wore a new pair of boots that he wrote the names of four children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.

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