Victoria Beckham Gave Birth !Girl’s Mother Finally

Victoria and David Beckham have become parents for the fourth time after fashion designer gave birth to a daughter, on 10 July. Desire to have a girl was so great that the former Posh Spice was not scared of no birth and no nine-month (multiplied by four) in which her ​​body has gone through many changes,but she showed great and pregnant.

Victoria Beckham Gave Birth Girl's Mother Finally (2)

The couple has three sons: Brooklyn for 12 years, Romeo and Cruz 8 years, 6 years. Daughter was born the morning of July 10 at 7.55 at Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, and weighs 3.46 kg.Happy parents did not want to reveal her name, but said the three boys are very happy and eager to know his sister. And the joy was David who wanted to notify everyone that it is finally the little girl daddy”I am very proud to announce the birth of our daughter Harper Seven Beckham.

He was born here in LA, this morning at 7.55 and weighed nearly three pounds and the birth of a half. Victoria feels very good, and the boys are excited about the right to their new sister, “wrote David Beckham on his Facebook profile.Although it was rumored that Victoria Beckham would have scheduled cesarean delivery on July 4, Independence Day even in the U.S., it seems that the truth is another. “I have to do completely different this time. I want it to be natural and perfect for my little girl” and would have confessed to a friend Victoria, according to Daily Mirror.6 months ago, David Beckham and his wife took off with silicone implants, they prepared for a more natural task.

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