Victoria Beckham First Appearance with Her ​​Daughter, Harper Seven

Two months since she born, Victoria Beckham took her first daughter in public. If until now, Twitter has posted pictures of her only yesterday Mrs Beckham went out to walk with all her four children.If we didn’t know that is their mother, we might easily confuse with their sister Victoria looks like between her boys, Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James, Cruz Davids.

Victoria Beckham First Appearance with Her ​​Daughter, Harper Seven (1)

Victoria Beckham dedicated family weekend.Saturday, she managed to amaze everyone with her silhouette after giving birth, as evidenced by skinny leather pants and huge heels wore it.Of Harper Seven was occupied David Beckham .Sunday, Victoria came out and took the kids to the mall “The Grove” in Los Angeles, and after a visit to the electronics store “Mac” went to the theater.

Victoria was dressed comfortably this time – gave up ballet and wore heels for a short dress, matching bolero with black.All dressed in a dress her and her daughter, Harper Seven, which seems to be the main competition of Suri Cruise in Chapter clothing.

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