Victoria Beckham Collection for Net-a-Porter

Victoria Beckham, star, singer, mother and wife, in recent years have released the name of the designer. For this fall, Mrs. Beckham works with Net-a-Porter for a special collection.Although it comes with something new, the creator has updated five of the best-selling dresses of spring-summer collection, autumn-winter 2011.Victoria characterize their store collaboration with luxury fashion, as a “chic, elegant and timeless.”

Victoria Beckham Collection for Net-a-Porter (5)

Dresses are among the cheapest products on the site (prices are more than 1,000 pounds), but even so three of them are officially “sold out“.Procurement Director at Net-a-Porter, Rogers Holl says “Victoria creations continue to sell with an amazing speed, so we wanted to reinvent the five best-selling dresses, in colors of the season.“The new collection of women’s business ” Victoria by Beckham Victoria“, with prices of more than 300 pounds, will be launched in spring 2012.



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