Verzasca Valley In Switzerland Deserves A Personal Visit

To say that Verzasca Valley is beautiful would be a serious understatement. This picturesque valley within the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland is a remarkable example of natural beauty that tempts its visitors with challenging hikes, exciting diving sessions or peaceful sightseeing opportunities, which is why it is one of the most appreciated tourist destinations in Switzerland presently.

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At Verzasca Valley, the magnificent views of the Alps on one side are flanked by the graceful waters of a lake on the other, while the emerald-greenish waters of a river are found in between. As we mentioned before, hiking is a very popular activity at Verzasca Valley, especially since the pathways are not very difficult to traverse even by amateur hikers. The best way to reach the hiking trails is via a postal bus that stops at numerous points across the valley, which means that guests can always hop on and off the bus and explore this place in its entirety effortlessly. Bungee Jumping off the Verzasca Dam is another great way to spend the time here, as long as you have the heart to perform this adrenaline-pumping sport. Should you choose to jump off the dam, you would plunge down for about 7.5 seconds before the cord pulls you back up towards safety.

The Verzasca River is a perfect place for diving, especially during the autumn season. Suitable accommodation options can be found at the Pizzo Vogorno hotel. Furthermore, history enthusiasts might want to visit the nearby Church San Bernardo, which boasts a heritage dating back to the 13th century and features distinct Byzantine style adornments.

Verzasca River In Switzerland

Verzasca River In Switzerland

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