Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari Phone

Vertu launched a new luxury phone inspired by Ferrari.Vertu shows the new phone named Constellation Quest Ferrari Phone which is a luxury smartphone inspired by Ferrari 458 .The luxury phone has unique characteristics which make it more precious.One of the most represantative feature is its case called Cavallion Rampante made from polished stainless steel .On the back of the case the phone has inscription the logo of the Ferrari .

Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari Phone (3)

The phone is made of one of the most expensive and luxury materials .Through the used decorations include polished sapphire ,calfskin and black polished porcelainThe phone has  2.46 inch screen and it is covered by sapphire crystal and also a full QWERTY key pad .The camera of the gadget had 5 mega pixel and it has installed the world maps in the device .The analog watch of the phone is inspired of the most present item from Ferrari car and the the list of ringtones includes also noises made by car on the track.


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