Versatile Dolce & Gabanna Spring/Summer 2013 Ad Campaign

Versatility is what Dolce & Gabanna’s spring/summer collection is all about. Drawing its inspiration from 1948 movie “La Terra Trema” by Luchino Visconit and southern Italian tradition, the brand’s ad campaign seems to be going by “the more the merrier” motto. Big names from the modeling industry, such as Monica Bellucci, Zuzanna Bijoch, Bianca Balti and Kate King, collaborated in order to bring the best out of the complex spring/summer looks by Dolce & Gabanna.

Versatile Dolce & Gabanna Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign (10)

This line features a combination of feminine looks, for which the luxury designer is known, and bold, unusual designs. With all these uniquely beautiful pieces, it is difficult to tell which ones are best in this campaign. D & G’s ads encourage you to experiment with materials and styles that you might not think are ideal. This way you might just discover that great style can be found in the most unlikely combinations.

The campaign’s pieces feature stripes, beautiful floral prints, stunning accessories and lace. Using these patterns and materials, you can create a striking outfit, regardless of whether you are going for a more discreet or a rather bold look. The secret lies in the details. The following seasons are the ideal time for you to adopt a glamorous style that certainly won’t go unnoticed.

If you’re getting tired of playing it safe with accessories with plain styles and designs, you should check out the spring 2013 handbag and shoe collections to get some inspiration. The featured accessories are true statement pieces that make the whole outfit eye-catching. Remember, accessorizing is very important in order to achieve that remarkable look you’re looking for.

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