Valencia – The Incredible City of Arts and Sciences

A fabulous futuristic project, resulted in a paradise for both the curious children and for adults who are passionate about science. This is Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, Valencia City of Arts and Sciences, a complex that you must not miss.

Valencia - The Incredible City of Arts and Sciences (21)

City fathers have managed over the past 30 years the development of Valencia should feature prominently in any manual planning. That’s because, in recent decades, a common settlement, which places great value on history, traditions and face, and spectacular Spanish city reinvented several times, becoming today one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.Paradoxically, it all started with a disaster.

By the second half of last century, Valencia was bisected by the River Turia.Thalweg, waterways, was as wide as the Seine in Paris or the Danube in Budapest and Turia was exploited as well: water restaurants, cruise boats, majestic bridges, each with its own architectural identity.

In 1957, however, after a storm river came out angry and did really devastating floods for several weeks, the city was actually submerged under water in some places, their depth and reaching five meters!Dozens of people lost their lives and many buildings were destroyed.After the waters receded, the municipality of Valencia decided, as a safety measure, diversion complete of the river .Currently, it does not even enter the city, shedding into the Mediterranean through two channels that bypass Valencia.

The urban area remained, therefore, a huge empty riverbed … which ultimately was exploited brilliantly.In it was conceived Jardi del Turia, a huge green chain composed of flower gardens, fountains, statuary, lush parks with palm trees and exotic plants, outdoor sports facilities with free access to all places of play generous as Parque Gulliver.

“Green River” was a unique opportunity for architects in the world – so that in the early 90s of the twentieth century, Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela Valls have dared to imagine a fabulous project, who also won the tender organized by Valencia city hall.In the eastern extremity of the former white, was raised Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències (City of Arts and Sciences), a futuristic complex that literally leave you stunned.

Composed of Principe Felipe Science Museum, Imax Cinema and Planetarium L’hemispherical, L’Oceanographic park, garden Umbracle L’Opera Reina Sofia City Art … is rightly titled the architectural work of recent history.

Valencia and its surroundings have many strong points of tourist attraction.Science Museum (named in honor of Prince Felipe), a building of 20,000 square meters, built on three levels, which, seen from the outside, resembles a whale skeleton.Children can have fun, especially on the top floor, where they can find the amount of water in the body, are able to see objects around animals and birds as they would see or can compete in using the force of gravity the different planets to send spacecraft to various destinations cosmic.

Assut de l’Oro bridge, which separates the campus into two, is supported by 28 giant cables, anchored in 2 columns and is the highest bulid from Valencia of 125 meters.Beyond him is Agora: a multifunctional room unopened public than during performances and sports competitions: from the Tennis Masters in Valencia, hosted every year in late October.

“Attraction” with the largest area is the Aquarius, a true miniature Earth, showing birds and fish all over the world in well-defined mini-habitats.It is the largest aquarium in Europe and houses a huge underground hall where thousands of exotic fish swimming, sharks and seahorses.Giant mammals of the family of whales, walruses and penguins – all carefully chosen an artificial environment and care to give as well as possible impression of “home” and to behave naturally, to the delight of visitors.



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