Vacation Home Cove 6 by SAOTA

The Cove 6 project by SAOTA (Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects) studio in Cape Town was completed in 2006. The modern holiday retreat is located on “The Cove” estate near the town of Knysn, South Africa.

Vacation Home Cove 6 by SAOTA (1)

This gorgeous home was built on one of the six areas permitted on the Pezula Golf Estate and overlooks the rocky peninsula. The owners of the property desired a house that would take advantage of the spectacular seascape views and that would be perfect as a summer holiday retreat.

The Cove estate took a great understanding of the sensitivity of the area to build. The beauty of the surrounding environment is in the lush indigenous vegetation and rolling landforms that make the residence very appealing for an intimate getaway.

Aiming for a home that would blend in with the surroundings rather than to stand out, the designers opted for materials that would match and promote the natural attributes of the construction site. The outcome was a spacious pavilion with heavy stones clad walls that do not disturb the natural beauty of the landscape.

The South West/North East orientation of the design helps protect the home from the harsh Cape Coastal climate whereas the linear interior spaces ensure staggering views from every room. Each compartment of the home is equipped with its private deck or terrace, as the location allows the extensive use of outdoor areas. The main living space  was created in such a manner that it connects the outside to the inside area. Both sheltered spaces for extreme weather and open terraces for enjoying warm sunny days are provided.

This home’s simplicity and the way it fits in perfectly with the surrounding indigenous areas make it a very alluring retreat.

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