Unusual And Eye-Catching Aquariums

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing an aquarium as a household decoration or you just really want a fish as a pet, you have to admit that it’s not always easy to pick the right design. As aquariums occupy space in your home, you have to make sure that they do so harmoniously and provide a remarkable spectacle of color and life. The following aquarium examples are not your everyday rectangular-shaped glass boxes but feature innovative, eye-catching and sometimes unusual layouts, which is why they would definitely serve as great sources of inspiration for those of you who wish to provide special and unique homes for your scaly friends.

Balancing Fishbowl

1. Duplex Aquarium / Bird Cage

Duplex Aquarium Bird Cage

If you can’t figure out whether you want to keep a bird or a fish as a pet, why not both? Better yet, why not both in the same cage/aquarium? This amazing duplex aquarium was sketched out by Constance Guisset and allows your 2 favorite pets to live in close proximity to each other without actually blending their 2 environments. The aquarium is shaped in such a way that it allows the bird to climb up to the top and enter the same visual spot as the fish does.

2. Aquarium Coffee Table

Aquarium Coffee Table

What could be better than enjoying your favorite cup of coffee while feasting your eyes on your favorite pet? The aquarium coffee table is a symbiosis of practicality and great looks that would allow you to start off your day in a unique way. The design itself is rather simple as it involves a flat glass surface resting on top of a cuboid aquarium.

3. Aquarium Sink

Aquarium Sink

The aquarium sink would definitely make dishwashing a much more appealing endeavor. You can do this sometimes-tedious chore while admiring a remarkable display of life and color, and that can definitely make your work easier. Naturally, this sink can also be placed in the bathroom, in which case, it would allow you to keep an eye on your fish while you’re brushing your teeth or washing your hands.

4. World’s Smallest Aquarium

World’s Smallest Aquarium

The smallest aquarium in the world is undoubtedly made for some of the world’s smallest fish. Holding just 2 tablespoons of water, this 30mm by 24mm masterpiece can be carried around effortlessly in the palm of your hand. Now even though 1 of these tiny aquariums might not be enough to decorate your home with, having several of these beauties placed strategically around your living room can create a marvelous effect.

5. Aquarium Bed

Aquarium Bed

The Aquarium Bed is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular aquariums on this list. This masterpiece is made using high-end materials and provides a remarkable overhead view of your fish that can be enjoyed in full right before you fall asleep every night. The tank itself boasts a capacity of 650 gallons, and it was equipped with a series of highly impressive lighting arrangements that never fail to set the mood.

6. Balancing Fishbowl

Balancing Fishbowl

Even though it looks like it might fall over at any moment, the Balancing Fishbowl is actually perfectly safe, as is the goldfish that calls it home. Made using high-end glass that was hand blown by a master craftsman, this special fishbowl boasts a counter-balance that ensures that it would never fall or break because of its rather unusual shape.

7. Air 1 Aquarium

Air 1 Aquarium

The Air 1 Aquarium features one of the most minimalistic designs we’ve ever seen. The tank itself features a distinct zeppelin shape and is supported by a steel frame. This particular aquarium would fit perfectly into a minimalistic art gallery setting or into a similar establishment. The fish looks quite lonely, though.

8. World Trip Aquarium

World Trip Aquarium

The World Trip Aquarium also boasts a minimalistic design, but this one features a remarkable map of the world as a decorative element. Furthermore, the map creates the illusion that fish are traveling to different parts of the world effortlessly.

9. Planter/ Fish Tank

Planter Fish Tank

Watering your plants and feeding your fish can be done in a single trip thanks to this remarkable planter/fish tank. The fish and the plant basically share the same pot, which was divided accordingly in order to facilitate both environments.

10. Fishscape Fishbowl

Fishscape Fishbowl

Even though it has the shape of an ordinary fishbowl, the Fishscape Fishbowl distinguishes itself through a remarkable design that involves a representation of a mountain range. The “mountain” rises up from the center of the bowl and provides a stunning contrast of texture and shape while helping the residing goldfish stand out effortlessly.

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