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The largest cave in the world


Unusual and Beautiful Places on The Earth! (18)

Unusual and Beautiful Places on The Earth! (7)

A huge cave was discovered in a remote area of jungle Vietnamese, later proved to be the largest cave, with one room in the world. Doong Son cave measures about 80/80 meters and beat the old record held by Cave deer in the Malaysian portion of Borneo island. Deer cave measures about 90/90 meters, but is only 1.6 km in length. By contrast, Doong Son explorers went about 4.5 kilometers, but had to return to seasonal water does not remain blocked. They believe that Vietnamese cave is even longer than that. Moreover, a distance of nearly three miles, even cave measures 140 / 140 meters, said Adam Spillane, a member of the British Cave Research Association, the team explored the cavern. Cavers have been forced out because of water, but promised to come back next year to explore the cave entirely.

Blue Lake Cave


Unusual and Beautiful Places on The Earth! (18)

Region of Brazil, “Mato Grosso do Sol”, holds many incredible underground lakes, “Gruta do Lago Azul” (Blue Lake Cave) is a natural monument, the interior consists of stalactites and stalagmites. Discovered in 1924, impressive blue cave inside her. After descending 100 meters, the lake can be seen inside, with water clear as crystal, and has a depth of 70 meters. The beauty of the lake is something impressive.

 Stained Lake


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Kliluk the stained lake near Osoyoos,in British Columbia & Washington district.This lake covers 15.2 hectares and contains one of the highest concentrations of minerals on the planet: magnesium sulfate, calcium sulfate, sodium sulfate and titanium silver plus some other minerals in lesser quantity. In summer, when hot, lake water evaporates and crystallizes the minerals, making them appear mesh water, giving the feeling of the whole lake spots. This lake is private property and not allow access, although not restricted, and the highway number 3 passes by him. Indians used to drain the small pools and use shore waters and their healing qualities. A legend says that once there was a truce in a battle to allow both warring tribes to take their wounded to Lake stained, Kliluk.

Giants Way


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Strange rock formations, represented by about 40,000 basalt columns, occupies an area of ​​0.7 square kilometers. But what your size, fully compensated by the beauty, uniqueness and, especially, history, mythology and local folklore. Giant’s Causeway is situated on the sea coast north-east of Ulster, in County Antrim, about 5 km away from the city of geological formations Bushmills.Geneza is nearly as interesting as the myths about their appearance. Now about 60 million years in the early Tertiary, Paleocene period, where slow and quiet stretches today Antrim county was ravaged by intense volcanic activity. Then, molten basalt rocks were gradually leaked through cracks in the region of sedimentary rocks to form, then, a vast lava plateau, which today constitutes the entire coastal line Causeway. The fascinating model visible today is a result of rock crystallization under the action of accelerated cooling. This usually occurs when molten lava comes into contact with the ocean suddenly, as happens today in Hawaii. Immediate cooling causes cracks, sometimes deep grooves, like those of Causeway. Hexagonal columns are found in the middle layer of basalt, geological formations of the same age can be seen in Fingal’s Cave in Staffa, Scotland.


Majlis of the Jinn


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Majlis of the Jinn is the second largest cave in the world, sleeping in his first Grand Piramada grotto of Giza. Access is by Selma Plateau in Oman, not necessarily with a rope, because the entrance is a hole located exactly at the top of the cave. Majlis of the Jinn is one room measuring about 310 meters by 225 meters, with a vaulted ceiling 120 feet high and three entries in the roof. The roof completely independently, is only about 40 feet thick. The deepest part of the cave is 178 meters below the top most entry. Chamber volume is about 4 million cubic meters and floor area is 58,000 square meters.

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