Unspoiled Natural Beauty At The Dongchuan District in China

Choosing China as a travel destination is always a convenient choice, since this vast country includes countless attractions for all tastes and preferences. Everyone knows that China is a heavily industrialized country, but it still boasts many places left that were not touched or altered by the hand of man. If you want to admire the breathtaking beauty of China’s countryside, might we suggest the Dongchuan District?

Dongchuan District in China 1

This relatively small piece of land received its city status in 1958, but in 1998, it merged with the bordering Kunming city in order to become one of its districts. Dongchuan now shares a border with the Sichuan province, and it has become a very popular tourist destination since the 1990s because of its incredible “Red Earth” panoramas.

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Unspoiled Natural Beauty At The Dongchuan District in China

The Dongchuan Red Land is particularly appreciated by photographers who love to immortalize the breathtaking beauty of the soil and vegetation. During their visit, tourists can choose from a variety of accommodation options, and they can even employ the services of a professional guide if they wish to explore the place thoroughly. The best time to visit these gorgeous lands is between March and May or in October, since then you’d have the best chance of witnessing the most amazing views.

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Unspoiled Natural Beauty At The Dongchuan District in China

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