Unique Veritcal Glass House Has No Windows

Can you imagine living in a home without windows? Well a skilled designer named Yung Ho Chang from Atelier FCJZ envisioned this original yet slightly strange home in 1991 as part of a competition. 21 years later, his vision became a reality, and it will be used to provide accommodations for guests attending the West Bund Biennale of Architecture and Contemporary Art exhibition.

Veritcal Glass House 1

Veritcal Glass House 2

The home stays true to its original design for the most part, which means that it features 4 glass floors as well as a glass roof for complete vertical transparency. Naturally, this means that the residence ensures no interior privacy at all, but on the other hand, it is sheltered from outdoor noise and prying eyes, which makes it perfect for meditation and introspection.

Veritcal Glass House 5
Veritcal Glass House 4
Veritcal Glass House 6

With 430 square feet of living space on each floor, the residence is not exactly the most spacious in the world, but it is able to ensure generous accommodation options due to its verticality. The 4 floors and the basement are linked by a circular steel staircase, while the floor slabs themselves were made using 2.3-inches thick tempered glass.

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