Unique Underwater Room at the Manta Resort on Pemba Island

How would you like to be able to feast your eyes on magnificent underwater views from the privacy and comfort of your own hotel room? Well even though it sounds quite unbelievable, you can now check into your own underwater room if you choose to spend some time at the Manta Resort on Pemba Island.

Underwater Room at the Manta Resort 1

The island can be found in the Zanzibar archipelago off the East coast of Africa, and its outstanding Manta Resort now features a superb private floating accommodation option that involves a submerged room. The room sits at a depth of 13 feet and boasts numerous windows so that its temporary inhabitants could have a great view of the magnificent underwater surroundings.

Underwater Room at the Manta Resort 2

Underwater Room at the Manta Resort

Moreover, guests can climb up to an overwater platform if they wish to enjoy the sun, breathe some fresh air or gaze at the stars. Sounds good, right? The thing is, spending a night at this unique underwater room would set you back $1500, which is not exactly cheap by normal standards. In any case, the Manta Resort also offers alternative accommodations such as single rooms for $450 per night or double rooms for $745 per night.

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