Unique Pop-Up Hotel by Curtis Hotel

If you would like to see the city of Denver from a unique and exciting perspective, then you should consider spending a night in the fantastic Hotel Rehearsal pop-up hotel by Curtis. To clarify, this daring concept represents a five- foot- by- seven- foot “hotel” that rises up on top of a simple van, providing potential guests with basic living conditions and an opportunity to view the city and the stars from a magnificent point of view.

Unique Pop-Up Hotel by Curtis Hotel (3)

In order to spend a night enjoying this limited edition rehearsal, one would have to be prepared to spend a staggering sum of $50,000. The pop-up hotel rises up in the air at an altitude of 22 feet, and it was originally created by architect Alex Schweder for a festival of Arts. The mini-hotel was built using aluminum-vinyl, and it includes an inflatable bed, a couch, curtains as well as a shower and sink. Furthermore, guests are not allowed to enjoy any alcohol during their stay, a rule perhaps implemented in order to allow them to savor the experience with a clear head.

What’s also amazing is that guests are able to book the outstanding Flower Power package, which allows them to experience the magnificent times of the 60s. This package includes a 1 weekend night in the Hotel Rehearsal, limousine transportation from the airport, a special greeting by Jon, Paul, Sunny and Cher (impersonators), 60s reminiscent in-room amenities, two I-Pod Nanos packed with 60s tunes and many more. In addition, since the best way to spend time at the pop-up hotel is to gaze at the stars, guests will also receive an i-Pad mini that has the StarGazer app, allowing them to identify and learn about each visible constellation.

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