Unique Circular Residence on the Coast of Japan

Located in Japan and designed by company Ciel Rouge this stunning residence is called Villa Ronde.The residence has an impressive green-roofed  and a round shape which was chosen in order to take full advantage of the surrounding views.According to the architects, the residence “is thought as a wide free organic space in which rooms can be closed or in continuity to each other around a patio. The round shape is the best to cover the beautiful view around as well as to resist and glide in the strong typhoons winds.

Unique Circular Residence on the Coast of Japan (13)

The building itself seems to grow from an hill in which air system circulate to ventilate permanently the house. Everything is thought for the best thermal natural ratio with a double facade for protecting from winds and sun, as well as the roof is covered by one foot of soil including a watering system”.Villa Ronde has also an impressive swimming pool,an amazing terrace, a large guest area and something unusual for a residence a private museum.Perfect shape,amazing place,stunning design and architecture,this is a dreamy villa.

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