Unique And Unusual Trips

Unique And Unusual Trips

Unique And Unusual Trips

If you prefer the adrenaline we present you some unusual places to go in holiday .Baobab avenue, caves fireflies, capital bears white, clouds promenade, lagoon or bay blue ,bioluminescent creatures are just some of the really unusual travel destinations.Here are a stunning list:

1. Mosquito Bay – Puerto Rico

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It is also called bioluminescent bay, because small creatures that inhabit it a light blue at the lowest water agitation. Fish swim, rain drops or boats passing ,leave light streaks , a phenomenon extremely interesting and beautiful.

2. Blue Lagoon – Iceland

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It is one of the most popular attractions in Iceland, where you can bathe in the geothermal waters while snowing. It is located about 13 km from Keflavík International Airport at 39 km from Reykjavík.Average water temperature in the bathing and swimming in the lagoon is 40 ° C (104 ° F).Blue Lagoon is surprisingly pleasant throughout the year, despite being so near the Arctic Circle, this is due to Gulf Stream, which regulate temperatures in Reykjavik, making it less extreme winter.

3. Sky Walk, Costa Rica

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A combination of suspension bridges and hiking through the jungle Monteverde, visitors go to the forest canopy.

4. Antarctica

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Antarctica is the only continent where there is no member of the species lives. It is a large area, larger even than Europe, but very less friendly.Of points “of tourist interest” Erebus volcano, active (3794m), on Ross Island, with dedicated observer.Something not to be missed – aurora australis and “diamond dust”, another weather phenomenon, during which, because of low temperatures and weather conditions, ice crystals rise and produce clouds and optical effects.

5. Churchill, Canada

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Polar bear capital of the world. The small town is famous for the largest population of white bears south of the Arctic Circle.

6. Ice Hotel in Sweden

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Ice Hotel in Lapland, Sweden, is the largest ice hotel in the world.Ice Hotel includes 60 rooms, a luxury apartment, reception and bar made entirely of ice, all ice chandelier and church.It is 200 km from the Arctic Circle in Lapland village.

8. Waitomo, New Zealand

Unique And Unusual Trips (3) Waitomo is a village and a cave system that attracts many tourists. Located in the southern Waikato region of North Island, located 12 km northwest of Te Kuiti.These caves are famous for fireflies “Arachnocampa bright” of them that illuminate practical the caves.In fact it is a species of fly larvae and their secretions, which glow in the dark to attract their prey.

9. Boulevard baobab in Madagascar

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Madagascar, the island is conspicuous by its biodiversity, was one of the last places on Earth colonized by people.It’s not boulevard, but rather a dusty road with 30 feet tall trees that are remnants of former tropical forest.

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