Unforgettable Underwater Wedding Ceremony Bora Bora

Of all the places that humans have been married, choosing to go for an underwater wedding may just be the most beautiful and romantic way to do it.  And if a place like Bora Bora isn’t beautiful enough for you, then you’re crazy.  Located near Tahiti in the Pacific, Bora Bora is a tropical paradise.  Now, not only can you get married here, but it can be underwater in the crystal clear blue waters right off the coast.  This would be a truly remarkable and memorable wedding you could possibly have.  And it can be a reality today!

Unforgettable Underwater Wedding Ceremony Bora Bora (2)

Unforgettable Underwater Wedding Ceremony Bora Bora (1)

13 feet under the turquoise blue waters of the South Pacific is a chapel called the Cave of Love.  Here, romantic and everlasting memories will be created.  During the ceremony, vows are exchanged underwater with coral reef acting as wedding rings.  Inside your underwater helmet, which requires no certifications to use, you can hear your significant other say, “I do,” and be on your way toward living the rest of your beautiful life together.

Unforgettable Underwater Wedding Ceremony Bora Bora (4)

After the 25 minute exchange underwater, visitors are given a choice on whether they want to go back to the hotel or if they would like to take another short trip to a private island for lunch on a beautiful white beach.  And ultimately the trip ends with a photo session for the recently betrothed, so that the memories created here are remembered forever.

Unforgettable Underwater Wedding Ceremony Bora Bora (3)

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Original Post at Luxatic.

For more information, check out BoraBoraUnderwaterWedding’s website here, and the TahitiTraveler’s website for more information about the experience as a whole.

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